Don Francisco - Guatemala

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This fun coffee comes from Francisco Salucio Ramirez, a producer based in Concepcion Huista municipality in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Don Francisco is second-generation coffee producer. This coffee is a mix of Bourbon & Caturra varieties grown at Franciscos farm Mumuxa at 1750-1850 meters above sea level.

After the picking is done the coffee cherries are depulped on the same day and left to ferment in water for 48 hours. After the coffee is washed it is left for another 12 hours to soak in clean water. This is a so-called “double washing” process. Drying is one on patio in the sun for five or six days depending on the temperature.

This coffee is from the 2019 harvest.

Sourced by Primavera.

250g of whole coffee beans.